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# Name Empire Level

Game Rules

By register, login and using websites you agree with following rules, Terms and Conditions.

§ 1 Registration

By registering, you acknowledge the following general business conditions. Additionally, you consent with data processing, namely email - This shall be used to verify the account and also as a point of reference, if the user forgets his/her password. Username - UserID - It is public and it is not personal data, it is an identifier on the web. IP Address - We log IP from which the user logs into an account, this data is used for account security and also for fraud protection for cases when the user creates and exploits a large number of accounts. Your password - The password is secured by MD5 Hash, for logging in, it is necessary that the password is stored in the database. It is an access code that allows access to the user’s accoun

§ 2 Login

By logging in to the game, the user requests to conclude an agreement for the free use of the game. In addition, by filling in your email address, he/she states that he/she agrees with verifying it. The request is accepted by the operator when a user account is opened that allows access to the game. The contract of use is based on these general business conditions. The user acknowledges that he/she is familiar with them when he/she logs in. The contract of use is concluded exclusively with natural persons. The contract of use is concluded for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by both parties at any time, without the need to comply with the time limits. It can be terminated in writing, usually by email. There is no entitlement of the user to open an account and to be allowed to participate in the game or for the game to be kept running or be available. The Operator reserves the right to work on the game or edit it at any time, or to stop running it without giving any reasons. The Operator may change these General business conditions at any time. The Operator shall in time and explicitly notify the User about any potential changes. The User agrees to the changed General business conditions by playing the game again (logging in) after the notification.

§ 3 Account, characters and items

Account name must be at least 6 characters long and may contain letters and numbers. The account may not be named after on existing clubs, companies, or brands. The User is not entitled to move the account to another gaming portal or to another server. It is not allowed to buy, sell, donate or exchange accounts or characters. Also is not allowed to buy or sell characters or items for real money or exchanging for other games or items in other games. Logging in details may not be sold or transmitted in any other way. Each player is responsible for securing their logging in details and is encouraged to choose a safe password. The Operator does not take any liability for the loss of virtual things.

§ 4 Misuse of mistakes / Cheating / Hacking

It is forbidden to use errors (bugs), do hacking and use third party programs; the user has the obligation to report any error and not to misuse it. If he or she started misusing it or hacking or using third party programs, his/her account shall be blocked.

§ 5 Rules of conduct

The user may not advertise any other websites, company names, clubs or other virtual servers in the game. The player should be polite and should not swear. If the player does not behave like this, he /she shall be given the Chat ban (which means blocking the chat in the game for a specified period of time) or other kind of blocking, depending on how sever the misbehaving is.

§ 6 Enforcing rules

The enforcement of the rules shall be ensured by the virtual server administrators team, which you can find here. If the User does not follow the rules of the game, it may result in the account being blocked or deleted. [GP] They have the right to everything connected with the game.

§ 7 NExpenses & Dragon Coins

Our server is completely for free. By signing up or playing the game, there are no automatic costs! The User may pay for premium coins which he/she may use to buy items. These shall be sent to the user account from which they are requested. This payment is a VOLUNTARY financial donation for the operation and development of the server! It is only a Virtual Object.

§ 8 Complaints Procedure

Claim your complaint on our facebook page (Stelios), via the messages. You can also claim the complaint directly, via the contact below, by phone or by email. For more information about the Complaints procedure, please see our business conditions HERE. When writing the claim subject, enter the account ID to which the claim relates. To acknowledge the complaint, please send the proof of payment, the method of payment, the time and date of the payment. The complaint cannot be accepted unless the email address from which the complaint is made matches the email address registered with the account ID. You will be informed about the progress of the complaint by email, phone or Facebook, depending on how you want to communicate.

§ 9 Protection of Personal Data

To enter into the game, data is collected which leads to a recognition of each unique user. The Operator uses this information in accordance with its Data Protection Statement and in accordance with strict provisions of current laws (such as the Personal data protection act and the Telemedia act). The User may revoke his permission to use his or her personal data at any time by deleting his/her account in the options menu after logging in to the site.

§ 10 Final Provisions

The Provider is not liable for the damage associated with the use of the game. Assignment of the user’s claims against the provider to third parties is excluded. The provider also cannot be held liable for any health problems caused. The Provider has the right to make changes to the game or website at any time.

The Addition to Rules for Administrators

- Team members must not be humiliated, offended or intimidated
- Each team member is required to be active on the server 120 minutes each day (there may be exceptions if previously agreed)
- If a team member is not able to meet his/her daily limit, he/she must previously report to the game operator
- Team members must meet monthly attendance of internal meetings of at least 50%
- During their working hours, team members must oversee players not to break the rules and help them with queries
- Team members are strictly forbidden to fight the players
- Team members are strictly forbidden to be impolite or vulgar
- Team members must spend most of their time in the invisible mode (exception are events)
- Team members must respond to situations (player checks, response to queries) in due time
- Team members can use the means of communication (public chat, private chat rooms, alerts) only in inevitable cases
- Team members must restrict contact with players
- Team members cannot create events without the operator’s permission
- Team members only do time bans after consultation with the operator
- Team members may own gaming accounts but shall not share their identity (or colleague identity) with other players (in such case the situation shall be discussed with the operator)
- Team members must not abuse their power (in such case, the member agrees to a penalty of up to 800€ in the real currency)
- Team members may not favour or disadvantage players
- Team members are not entitled to any payments and their work for the server is completely voluntary